Drafting Joint Revocable Trusts (and Other Joint Trusts) in InterActive Legal

Friday, September 27, 2019, 12pm ET/9am PT

Presenter: Teresa L. Bush, Esq.

Duration: 1hr

Cost: Complimentary for InterActive LegalSuite Subscribers


InterActive Legal Drafting Systems all include the ability to create joint estate planning documents for spouses. Joint trusts are frequently used in community property states, and we are now seeing them more often in other states as well. A Joint Revocable Trust is typically used when the estate plan is the same regardless of the order of deaths, and when most property is jointly-owned. While the effect of one joint document is essentially the same as if each spouse had a separate revocable trust, the drafting process is slightly different, because choices about property disposition (and tax planning, where relevant) must be made at each spouse’s death.

In this webinar, we will closely examine the Joint Revocable Trust document design and how it operates, as well as taking a detailed look at the document interview and planning options. We will also briefly discuss other joint trusts that are available in the various InterActive Legal practice systems, including joint trusts for gifting, trusts for second-to-die life insurance policies, and joint trusts for Medicaid planning (the latter being available only in the Elder Law Planning system).

We do not typically cover joint trusts in our initial training classes. Therefore, this webinar will provide subscribers with additional training on documents they may not have seen before. This subscriber drafting webinar is appropriate for subscribers to all practice systems.

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