Drafting Trusts for One Beneficiary – Both Simple and Complex

Friday, November 17, 2017, 12pm ET/9am PT

Teresa L. Bush

Presenter: Teresa L. Bush

Duration: 1hr

Cost: Complimentary for InterActive LegalSuite Subscribers



In some cases, trusts are created for a group of people, such as a person’s children or perhaps their spouse and children.  However, many clients want to create a trust for just one beneficiary – perhaps a trust for gifts that will pay for college down the road, or a supplemental needs trust.  Separate documents within your InterActive Legal drafting system are specifically designed for this purpose, and this webinar will take a closer look at those drafting options.

We will cover the Single Beneficiary Irrevocable Trust, the 2503(c) Minor’s Trust, and the Third Party SNT.  We will also examine options for including a separate trust for one beneficiary within a will or revocable trust.

Please note that some of the trusts that will be discussed are available only in certain practice systems, which will be noted during the webinar.

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