Fiduciary Appointment Options in InterActive Legal

Friday, May 17, 2019, 12pm ET/9am PT

Presenter: Teresa L. Bush, Esq.

Duration: 1hr

Cost: Complimentary for InterActive LegalSuite Subscribers



Trustees and Personal Representatives can be appointed in a number of ways, and each drafting attorney likely has their preferred method.  The InterActive Legal drafting systems attempt to provide as many options as possible for identifying fiduciaries and successors.  While no system could provide every option, this webinar will examine the options available for naming trustees and executors, successors, and agents under ancillary documents.  We will consider:

• different ways of naming trustees

• naming additional successor fiduciaries (beyond those listed in the document)

• including “specific successors” when co-fiduciaries are serving

• option to name additional co-fiduciaries, and specifying when they serve

• removing and replacing trustees

• naming trust protectors, and related options

• naming children as trustee of their own trusts

• special function trustees

• ways to name specific trustees for specific trusts

• and more

Specific examples from within the InterActive Legal interviews and assembled documents will be presented.  All options demonstrated (other than special-function fiduciaries) are available in all practice systems, so this presentation is appropriate for all subscribers.



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