Current State of Asset Protection Trusts: Do’s and Don’ts

March 11, 2015

Hot Topic Webinar

Presented by

Daniel S. Rubin and Jonathan G. Blattmachr

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This presentation will be by Dan Rubin, a nationally known expert on asset protection, and Jonathan Blattmachr, drafter of the first self-settled asset protection trust legislation in the United States. This presentation will cover primary purposes in creating a foreign or domestic (US) asset protection trust, how to weed out undesirable clients seeking property protection in a manner that might be a fraudulent transfer or violate the US Bankruptcy Code, how attorneys can avoid bar discipline in assisting in the creation of a self-settled trust, contrast foreign against domestic trusts, discuss alternatives, explain how these trusts may aid in estate and income tax planning, and introduce a way to create a trust from which the former property owner may benefit without being a self-settled trust.

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