Building Your Estate Planning Practice: Marketing Services to Clients Not Paying Estate Tax

Thursday, May 23, 2019, 5pm EDT

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Webinar Description:

This program is designed for practitioners (estate planners, attorneys, wealth advisers, insurance consultants, etc.) and will address how professional advisers can educate current and prospective clients  on the importance of estate, financial and related planning. This Webinar will present and discuss a consumer suitable PowerPoint webinar which can be used in this process. The objective of the program will be to guide practitioners on how to market their services, especially at a time when many consumers mistakenly believe that estate planning is not relevant or not important because of the high estate tax exemptions. The handout materials will include the actual PowerPoint which practitioners can customize and use in marketing their practices. The Financial Awareness Foundation, whose mission is to educate consumers on the importance of financial and estate planning will explain resources they make available that practitioners can use in their efforts to educate consumers and prospective clients in particular.


Martin Shenkman, Esq. and Valentino Sabuco, Executive Director for The Financial Awareness Foundation, who has helped pioneer the ‘fee-only’ personal and business financial planning profession over the last 40 years as a principal of CPA firms and through his private practice, syndicated columns, books, and publishing activities.

CLE Credits:

Event sponsors are not approved Continuing Education Sponsors. However, several states and regulatory agencies for a variety of professionals that participate on our teleconferences may still receive continuing education credit for their participation. If a participant wishes to receive CE credit for their participation in these teleconferences, they must apply to receive credit on their own and through their individual states and regulatory authorities. It is the responsibility of the participant to file for CE credit and is not guaranteed by InterActive Legal, Peak Trust Company, Shenkman Law or The Financial Awareness Foundation.



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